Melasma is a common skin problem which involve formation of brown to grey brown patches especially on the Face. The Facial area  which commonly are a victim of these patches are the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, chin and the upper lip. These patches also develop on parts at the body which are constantly exposed to the  sun.

melasma before melasma after


The exact cause  of melasma is not known. However, woman are more likely than men got a melasma because it can occur due to hormonal changes  which occur during pregnancy, Birth control pills and hormonal therapy can also trigger melasma. Further , Stress and Sun exposure aggregates to raise the problem.


* In some patients, melasma disappear on its own especially when it is  caused due to pregnancy or birth control pills.
* There are certain treatments available For Melasma

Topical Medications :

Hydrocortisone – It is the most common way to treating melasma. It comes as a cream & lotion Formulation.