Anti Wrinkle Injection

Over the years there has been a dramatic reversal of our attitude towards ageing. What was earlier accepted as a natural phenomenon is no longer acceptable in today’s world.

The increase in the ageing population, the psychosocial impact of ageing and the eternal quest for looking young have created an enormous demand for effective treatments to rejuvenate the ageing skin.

The ageing skin losses firmness, skin becomes more dry, thin and less luminous and the face tends to lose its oval shape. The skin develops fine lines, crinkles and wrinkles. Wrinkles are formed by dermal atrophy and repetitive contraction of the underlying facial musculature. With increasing age, the wrinkles increase and deepen.

The neurotoxin injections have been developed to reduce the wrinkles and attain the youthful appearance in the individuals. Injection of small quantities of the neurotoxin into specific overactive muscles causes relaxation of the underlying localized muscle that smoothes the overlying skin and reduces wrinkles.

Cosmetic Indications

All kinds of wrinkles

  • Glabellar frown lines
  • Horizontal frontal lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Brow lifting
  • Nasolabial Folds

There can be some non-cosmetic indications of the toxin as well-

  • Blepharospasm
  • Strabismus
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Migraine


It is a minimally invasive technique with demonstrable early benefit. Results are reversible. The technique is relatively safe and can be used on all skin types. The effects are more on dynamic wrinkles i.e. wrinkles seen during muscle contraction, than on static wrinkles (which are visible at rest).

Neurotoxin injection should not be used in persons with a tendency for keloids, neuromuscular disorders like myasthenia gravis and who have allergies to neurotoxin products.

We at Vardaan clinic are using the best and authentic neurotoxin to give the best results to the patients.


The purified neurotoxin in very tiny amounts is injected into a targeted facial muscle. This causes local immobilization of muscle movement due to nerve blockade. This immobilization reduces the tone of the muscles that are responsible for causing wrinkles on the forehead, glabellar and peri-ocular areas and thus prevents crinkling & formation of wrinkles and lines when the patient frowns & smiles. There can be minor bruising with neurotoxin injection which is temporary and stays for only a few days.

It is one of the most popular methods for treating ageing skin. Neurotoxin treatment may be used in combination with other procedures for facial rejuvenation, for maximal effect.