Acne (pimples) is a common problem in teenagers and also in some adults. It ranges from the formation of open or closed comedones (black or whiteheads respectively), pustules (red or yellow bump and nodules & cysts) (large red or skin colores deep – seated bumps) with or without pain.

There are certain aggravating factors for acne:

  • High glycemic diet eg: Chocolate, more cakes, sweet drinks, candies etc…
  • In take more oily foods, meat, nuts etc…
  • Use of heavy cosmetics like occlusive bases, concealers for oily sunscreens.
  • Use a hair oil & Facials
  • certain medicines like steroids, antidepressants, antiepileptics, and antitubercular drugs.
  • Stress is also an aggravating Factor for acne. Students can get a  Flare of their pimples during their exam time.

Prevention & Care of Acne

  • Regular cleansing of the face (2-3 times per day) preferably with an exfoliating face, which removes the dirt, oil and dead layer of the skin.
  • Avoid applying oil on hair.
  • Avoid procedures like Facials, Scrubs or Clean up as they can aggravate your acne.
  • Avoid concealers and occlusive cosmetics on your face.
  • Treatment of  dandruff on the scalp is also recommended as it increases the oiliness on the Face and increases the acne.
  • increased intake of water & Fruits with acne as it might increase the chances of pigmentation & Scarring.

In case of moderate to severe acne, not controlled with regular care one should consult a  dermatologist in order  to prevent hyperpigmentation & Scarring.