Open Pores

A tiny gap in a surface through which microscopic particles can pass is what is meant by a pore literally. When seen in the context of human skin, pores are microscopic openings on the epidermis that house a hair follicle. However, what precisely are open pores?

First off, an oily gland, as its name suggests, is located inside each hair follicle and is in charge of creating oil. The pore enlarges as the oil begins to accumulate there. Open pores are those that appear more dilated than usual and are common in people with greasy skin. This open pores issue can be treated at the Sanjay Rithik Hospital with ease.


The main factors that lead to increased pores are

Excessive sebum or oil secretions: People with oily skin have sebaceous glands that secrete more oil than usual, which makes their pores appear larger than normal.

Reduced elasticity surrounding the pore: As we age, our skin gets less elastic and less subtle, giving the appearance of larger pores.

Clogging of pores: Dust and other pollutants can cause particles to collect on the skin’s surface. In addition, the usage of cosmetic items alone might lead to pore congestion. The pores appear to be bigger than usual once they are blocked.


Even when all required safeguards are taken, pores might occasionally nevertheless seem larger. In these situations, our doctors may use a number of therapies to assist shrink the enlarged pores. These consist of

  • Chemical peels and microneedling
  • Skin resurfacing using laser