Non-Surgical Full Body Contouring

Utilize Cooltech technology to eliminate fat bulges resistant to exercise and diet!

Modern cooltech technology has made it possible to effectively reduce the amount of fat in places like the stomach, neck, thighs, back, and buttocks. This procedure involves vacuum freezing to achieve full-body adipolysis (convert fat into free acids). The method tackles localised fat that is found in different parts of the body, which aids in the removal of excess fat. The applicators can help fully transform the body figure because they are made to adjust to all body parts. There are no wounds or scars from the therapy.

How is Cooltech put to use?

It is a more recent non-invasive fat removal procedure that can be used as an alternative to surgical liposuction. With this method, the fat cells are precisely cooled, which results in apoptosis, or the regulated death of the extra fat cells. The treated fat cells are then progressively removed from the targeted body location by the body’s natural metabolic process. Compared to other human tissues including skin, muscle, and neuron, fat cells are more sensitive to cold. As a result, it makes it possible to get rid of fat cells effectively and safely while not harming other body structures.

Why choose for Cooltech non-surgical liposuction at Sanjay Rithik Hospital?

  • Six hand-pieces are included, each of which is made to target a different body section.
  • The employment of two handpieces at once ensures better outcomes for each session.
  • The high level of general patient satisfaction.
  • A technique for removing fat without surgery.
  • Assures uniform outcomes.
  • Total body reconstruction.
  • Visible outcomes
  • Maximum security