Earlobe Repair

Among the elements of the face, the ear lobe is particularly significant. Skin and fat make up the earlobe. It lacks the thick cartilage seen in the rest of the ear. As a result, ear lobe piercing is simple. Many cultures promote ear lobe piercing so that jewellery can be worn there. The risk of ear lobe rupture increases after ear piercing. Many earlobe rips need medical intervention, however some may heal on their own with time. The majority of the time, hefty earrings or other types of jewellery cause damage to the ear lobes, prompting repair. It occasionally happens when someone (usually a youngster) tugs on the earlobe or the earring.

At Sanjay Rithik Hospital, earlobe repair is a successful method for mending the torn portion and regaining the original look. Sanjay Rithik Hospital would advise you to keep your head up for a few days following the procedure. You must maintain the surgery site’s cleanliness. You will receive these guidelines following the operation. Following surgery, some soreness is typical. The Sanjay Rithik Hospital will recommend certain medications to aid with pain relief. Regular follow-ups with Sanjay Rithik Hospital are required to monitor the speedy recovery and healing process.