Aqua Facial

Skin that is healthy and glowing is also beautiful. Focusing on nurturing the skin organically results in radiant skin on the outside. The Aqua facial is a more sophisticated version of the Hydra facial and it promises to nourish, rejuvenate, and shield your skin from harm. Celebrities like it because it produces extraordinary results.

The Aqua face technique uses hydro-technology and is non-invasive. Exfoliation, polishing, detoxification, rehydration, and replenishment are all steps in your Colleyville facial treatment process that produce rapid results and prevent irritation, discomfort, or downtime. This process involves several steps and makes use of numerous recommendations to carry out the necessary tasks. These techniques enable the delivery of therapeutic compounds efficiently deep into the skin, leading to significant levels of cellular absorption. Antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-aging ingredients are present in the serums used in this procedure and are good for the skin.

All of the serums that are massaged into your skin during a facial in Colleyville do not sit on the epidermis like creams or lotions; instead, they quickly soak into the skin and promote skin healing. The exfoliation has no downtime, is calming, non-irritating, and delivers immediate results. Sanjay Rithik Hospital wants its patients to feel safe and at peace while they are in our care.